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Lasting Power Of Attorney

For many people talking about Lasting Power of Attorney can be awkward. We generally don’t like to think about what could happen and we often like to think that we don’t need it yet so there’s no point in dwelling on the subject. But we should. Think of Lasting Power of Attorney like you would an insurance policy. We never want to have to make use of it, but we know that if we ever have to, it will be invaluable.

If you experience a serious life-changing event that leaves you in a diminished mental or physical capacity, who will take care of your financial and health affairs? Only with a Lasting Power of Attorney are your affairs safe when you are unable to do so yourself.

What can Lasting Power of Attorney do for you?

  • Ensure your financial affairs are carried out according to your guidance and best interest.
  • Enable your attorney or attorneys to act on your behalf for issues of financial, property, health and welfare.
  • Reduce or eliminate the red tape of courts.
  • Protect your family.

How Khan Thornton can help you

Our guide to Lasting Power of Attorney will answer many of the most frequent questions we get asked, and we’re here to help if you want either more advice or to arrange Lasting Power of Attorney.