No Refund, No Fee

We will check if you are due a tax rebate without charging any upfront fee.

It's easy to do, you can lodge a claim in 5 minutes. If we don't obtain a tax refund for you, you won't be charged.

When do you qualify for a refund?

If you work in the healthcare sector you are entitled to tax relief on certain union and professional fees you pay every year. If you wear a uniform you can also claim tax relief on the cost of its laundry and upkeep, and even for shoes and socks or tights.

Thousands of workers in the healthcare sector miss out every year because they have failed to claim the tax relief they are entitled to within HMRC's deadline.

Uniform Cleaning Allowance


If you wear a uniform to work and your employer provides no laundry facilities, you can claim a tax allowance every year for the cost of cleaning your uniform. The amount you can claim depends on your occupation – the table below lists the allowances for some occupations.

Ambulance staff on active service£140
Nurses, midwives, dental nurses, therapists, healthcare assistants£100
Plaster room orderlies, hospital porters, ward clerks, sterile supply workers, hospital domestics and hospital catering staff£100
Laboratory staff, pharmacists and pharmacy assistants£60
Uniformed ancillary staff: maintenance workers, grounds staff, drivers, parking attendants and security guards, receptionists and other uniformed staff£60

As this is a flat rate allowance, you don’t need to provide receipts or any proof of the actual cost of cleaning your uniform.


It's not just about uniform laundry

If you wear uniform at work and wash it yourself you can claim but if you work in healthcare there are more than 30 other things that you may also be able to claim tax relief on, depending on your job. These other reliefs can increase your tax rebate by £100s, if you enter a claim with us we can help you identify these reliefs and maximise your refund.

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Doctors and Surgeons


Relief is also available for Doctors and Surgeons paying the following subscriptions and others:

General Medical Council (GMC), British Medical Association (BMA), Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), Royal College of Physicians of London (RCP), Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (RCPE), Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSEd), Royal College of Pathologists (RCPath), Society of Cardiothoracic Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland (SCTS), British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS). Read more > Doctors Tax Advice

Dentist Tax Advice


One of the biggest changes to dental accountancy came in 31st July 2006 when some long awaited changes to Dentists Act 1984 came into effect. For the first time in 50 years dental practices were able to be incorporated as limited liability companies. Among many other benefits this allows more efficient tax planning, using a number of benefits previously denied to dentists.

Read More > Dentist Tax Advice

Subscription tax relief

If you pay professional and union subscriptions such as those to Unison, the RCN, fees to a registration body such as the NMC, HCPC or SSSC, or you pay professional indemnity insurance for example to the Medical Protection Society you can claim tax relief on these costs.

HMRC holds a list of approved bodies available for tax relief:

Click here to see HMRC's full list of approved bodies.