If you are a paramedic or an ambulance worker you may be able to claim a tax rebate. This is because you are allowed to claim tax relief on certain expenses of your employment. Most of these reliefs usually go unclaimed because it’s the employee’s responsibility to record and report expenses incurred to HMRC.

What can I claim for?

1. Registration fees

Many ambulance workers are registered under the HCPC (Health Care Professions Council); formerly the HPC (Health Professions Council), the cost of this registration is allowable for tax relief. Typically anyone registered with the HCPC can claim tax relief at about £30 per year or £60 per year for higher rate taxpayers.

2. Union membership

Union membership isn’t usually tax deductible, however if you work in healthcare you can claim tax relief on membership fees with Unison. The amount on which you are allowed to claim tax relief is restricted, however if you pay the highest subscription rate you could be due around £35-£70 per year in tax.

3. Upkeep of equipment and uniform

Ambulance staff on active duty are given an allowance to cover the cost of upkeep and laundry of their uniforms, this can be worth between £28 and £56 per year, depending on which rate of tax you pay.

Can I backdate my claim?

You can backdate your claim over the previous 4 tax years, even if you’ve had multiple jobs or left your job in the ambulance service. For the current and future tax years you can get tax relief through your tax code which means you’ll get a bit less tax deducted from your pay packet.

How do I claim?

Use the contact us and we will be in touch immediately to assess your claim

Why claim through you?

Unlike most companies we’re a member firm of the Institute of Chartered Certified Accountants and we are fully qualified to give tax advice, we’re not just a claims handler. If you’ve followed other advice and claimed before we’d still like to take on your claim as there is a good chance that we can claim some extra tax back for you. If you aren’t entitled to a rebate it won’t cost you anything.