Dental Nurse

If you are a dental nurse you may be able to obtain a tax rebate. This is because you are entitled to claim tax relief on certain costs of your employment that are deemed "wholly and necessarily" for the purposes of your employment. This basically means you can claim back for the cost of things that you needed to do your job.

Common things that you can claim for are subscriptions and registrations you pay to bodies such as the General Dental Council (GDC), and the British Association of Dental Nurses (BADN). If you are a member of Unison you can also claim for those costs.

Dental nurses also frequently need to pay for CPD courses in order to stay up to date, and some also need to pay for professional indemnity insurance. These costs may also be tax deductible depending on your contractual terms.

In addition it is also possible to claim an allowance for the laundry of your uniform, a dental nurse can claim on the same basis as any other nurse which means you can also claim the allowance for shoes and tights/socks.

You can backdate your claim 4 years and you usually get 20% of the expenditure you incurred back. You can also get the tax relief added to your tax code which means you’ll get your 20% back automatically in future years.

How do I claim?

Use the contact us and we will be in touch immediately to assess your claim

Why claim through you?

Unlike most companies we’re a member firm of the Institute of Chartered Certified Accountants and we are fully qualified to give tax advice, we’re not just a claims handler. If you’ve followed other advice and claimed before we’d still like to take on your claim as there is a good chance that we can claim some extra tax back for you. If you aren’t entitled to a rebate it won’t cost you anything.