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Doctors Tax

Here at Khan Thornton we can offer specialist services for doctors. With recent changes to UK tax laws many doctors aren’t aware of the tax relief available to them, our team of specialists can help you make the most of your income. Read More

Motor Trade

The motor industry knows all about getting better performance from cars, and at Khan Thornton we can show you how to get better performance from your tax return. Our team can offer specialist help you get your accounts in top gear. Read More


Good accounts are the fou8ndation of a good business, and our construction specialists can help gets yours in order. We’re about more than just that though, we can also offer support and advice across the board, including CIS. Read More

Nurses and the Medical Profession

Working in the medical profession is about caring, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t receive the money you work for. Few people take advantage of all the tax refunds on offer to them, for items small and large. It can add up over a year and make a huge difference, so let our experts look at your tax return and get you the refund you deserve. Read More


Landlords are faced with ever growing and changing tax laws that affect them. Khan Thornton can provide specialist help in dealing with these obstacles allowing you to focus on other matters while confident you’ll get the most from your investment. Read More


Dentists can benefit from a wide range of tax saving opportunities. With the help of our experts in the field you could benefit from specialist tax advice. Read More