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EU or not EU? That’s the (Pension) question…

No matter what decision the UK comes to with the in-out referendum over belonging to the EU at the end of 2017, the future about pension schemes is unclear. De-regulation may be a possibility. Professional support and advice is a must. Further Reading: Financial Times on pension schemes

Who has the skills to carry out auto-enrolment duties?

The Pensions Regulator issues warnings and reminders to British companies virtually every week. Auto-enrolment is here to stay, yet even companies with an in-house payroll function struggle: personnel is not trained to incorporate the new duties, and training is costly, both in terms of resources and time. Outsourcing may really make sense and literally save…

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Small businesses say that tax simplification is top priority

British Franchise Association:  A national survey of UK small businesses has shown that more than 90% of business owners will use their vote today, 7 May. With total voter turnout at the last general election in 2010 of just over 65%, politicians of all parties are being warned to ignore the sector “at their peril”….

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AMonline: Khan Thornton’s advice to car dealers in the media

 MOTOR TRADE BUSINESS ADVISERS KHAN THORNTON’S ADVICE TO DEALERS ON THE PENSIONS REGULATOR’S REPORT Motor trade business advisers and accountancy specialists Khan Thornton are asking the automotive industry to be aware of the risks and warnings highlighted in The Pension Regulator’s three-year corporate plan, published at the end of March. Small and mid-sized firms are…

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R&D relief: do you know if you qualify?

BUSINESS ADVISERS KHAN THORNTON’S ADVICE TO MOTOR TRADE ABOUT R&D TAX RELIEF   Business advisers Khan Thornton, who specialise in supporting the motor trade (whether new and used car dealers, specialists or restorers) on accountancy and business development matters, warn of the difficulty of identifying R&D tax relief when applied to automotive firms. “Whether a…

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COMPULSORY AUTO ENROLMENT DEADLINES EXPLAINED BY BUSINESS ADVISERS KHAN THORNTON   Essex-based accountancy firm Khan Thornton, who specialise in the motor trade and already boast experience with auto enrolment implementation, are offering modern and used car dealers, restorers, specialists and other small and mid-sized businesses in the industry advice to avoid missing deadlines, and clarify…

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Motor Trade News: Dealers offered Auto Enrolment advice by Khan Thornton

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New Tax Break – do you know whether it may be beneficial to you?

The government has issued information about a new tax break: registrations are now open for the new Marriage Allowance for married couples (including civil partnerships). The tax break helps couple save up to £212 a year. From April 6, more than 4 million married couples and 15,000 civil partnerships will be eligible. The Allowance means…

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Independent UK auto retailers offered big company services by specialist accountants and consultants

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